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Born Happy is here to share tips and advice about family, events, life, play, travel and more. It will also feature products to make parenting just a bit more easier.

Our Story

One summer afternoon, Mommy Elle was convincing Little Kerrigan to take her afternoon nap. She tried everything from napping alongside her, reading a book and even tried a stern tone but no avail. Little Kerrigan just gave her mom a bright, cute smile and continued playing in her crib.

Little Kerrigan’s cheerful and vibrant personality has been inspiring Born Happy to spread easy and fun parenting tips and advice since 2015.


To help us continue our parenting journey with you, some of our features will include Affiliate links which will help us earn a small commission from your purchase. It won’t increase the purchase price in any way if you decide to purchase through the link provided in our feature.

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